He raised a slender hand toward a black-haired woman to the rear, beckoning her forward. “And this is Ellaria Sand, mine own paramour.” 


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Welcome to Havana


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Hoenn Elite Four



While everyone was busy talking about Leonardo DiCaprio’s white guy rhythm at Coachella (and honestly, I wish I could pull off that punch move), it looks like his “Wolf of Wall Street” follow-up was clicking into place. And boy is it a good one.

The film is “The Revenant,” based on the novel by Michael Punke. It was one of a number of projects DiCaprio has been attached to, but now it’s officially his next as it will go into production this September with a release date set for the fall of next year.

"The Revenant" tells the true story of fur trapper Hugh Glass, left for dead by a pair of fellow volunteers of a Rocky Mountain fur trapping expedition who were tasked to care for him in the wake of a vicious grizzly bear mauling. "Deserted, defenseless and furious," an official description reads, "Glass vows his survival. And his revenge." (x)

Security’s gonna run you down hard.

And I will lead them on a merry chase.


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